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to this for you to this for you for you
everybody's got something like some tender gotta win some free down the drain got to win something over so life gets windowstains and everything's a number like some free time i know what i say why i no feel go and i feel the same about time to win camera strange land got me fallin' down some pass and i feel the same and the shame of fortune's got a rain steel on my window times and paint drimes got me foam down on the wind rhyme and the seal door times headphones ring and rain sing book and red and gold drop bottle rain of slav that's got the wind run ning for and the past for ward go run time al ways got always and some phrase of mine got gum phrase un mine and i've got something to work with frame from syndrome speaking mine true mind breathing with headphones down
i just showed up to school i worked in a pebble yellow line to regurgitate heller to impress you i'm an elephant my horn is long like snout my i'm on these medicines vibrate my body a one vibration on my knees
to this for you to this for you for you for you for you for you


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